Rue Madame: A Successful Omni-Channel Business Model in Asia


Rue Madame opened its first store in 2011 at ifc Mall, one of the most main prominent shopping destinations in Hong Kong.

Rue Madame, the Parisian select boutique launched by founder Ariane Zagury in Hong Kong six years ago and in Singapore in 2015, proudly announces a 6% growth in sales in the first half of 2016 (as compared to last year), where the second quarter saw a significant 15% increase (as compared to Q2-2015) — despite the overall retail downtown, where in Hong Kong, fashion sales’ figures were down 9% from January to May this year.

“We believe our successful results reflect our expanding omni-channel model, where our online and offline stores are integrated and mutually beneficial,” says founder Ariane Zagury. “We are now focused on developing better on-/offline integrations on a monthly basis, and will continue to work hard on our unique edit of contemporary brands, to provide our customers with novelty and exclusive choices.”


Rue Madame 2016 Pre- fall collection Lookbook

Rue Madame launched its e-commerce platform at end-March 2016. The effects on its Hong Kong stores have been extremely positive, from reaching new shoppers to extending the retail experience for the existing clients. “Rue Madame remains positive on its positioning in Hong Kong and Singapore despite current retail downturn,” Ariane explains. “In the coming months, we will bring our omni-channel business to the next level, by clearing the barriers between online and offline retailing patterns.”

Led by the founder’s personal French- chic style, Rue Madame is revered for its uniquely effortless approach to fashion — which is adored by its professional female clientele and casual shoppers as well as local fashionistas. Rue Madame offers a wide variety of choice and an affordable price point, filling the gap between the high-end luxury sector and fast-fashion trends.

“Our clients expect our Rue Madame point of view, something different, a unique journey,” Ariane adds. “With more than 50 brands on offer, we believe this is our edge into this extremely competitive Hong Kong retail market. In Singapore, we do not have comparable data since we only opened recently. But, although we remain conservative in that market, our offer has been well received and is generating interesting traction. We foresee — as we globalize and transparency increases — that brands, landlord and retailers will have to join better forces to align interests and work on consistent brand positioning and pricing for a global market.”

Rue Madame expects its e -shop to represent 10-15% of its total sales in 2017. This strategic and sustainable development represents the corner stone of the ever -expanding business, seeing Rue Madame embark on a whole new adventure.

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