Launched in 2010 by Ariane Zagury, Rue Madame Fashion Group (RMFG) is an established Asian partner for international fashion brands focused on bringing the finest brands to the region. After having successfully developed operations in Hong Kong, RMFG is set to develop its activities in Singapore and Macau in 2015.

Rue Madame Fashion Group aspires to maintain the highest standards in the following areas:

Quality of brands and products: We thoroughly research and carefully select all of our brands and products. Not only do we expect to maintain our quality criteria, we also strive to meet, and exceed, our customers’ expectations in bringing the latest styles to their fingertips.

Quality of our partners: We believe that successful partnerships are based on qualitative relations. We are in constant contact with our partners, offering them the fullest advantages of our unique position in the region.

Quality of our team: People are key to our success. Working with RMFG is equivalent to joining a new family. Everyone within the family is essential to the professional management of the group. (Positive teamwork leads to customer approval.) Together we can grow and promote RMFG, while maintaining our levels of excellence.

Quality of our operations: An organized and efficient structure is crucial to our operations. We achieve this by instituting competent management solutions. Thus we aim to create the most serene working environments and retail spaces.

Rue Madame Fashion Group is a fresh and lean company. These are our strongest assets. It allows us the flexibility to respond rapidly and effectively to the ever-faster pace of the fashion industry, thus ensuring the satisfaction of our team, our partners and our customers.